Bring Me The Horizon plan to release a new song “pretty soon”

Drummer Matt Nicholls encourages fans to “trust the process” in a new interview, revealing that Bring Me The Horizon plan to release something in the near future…

Bring Me The Horizon plan to release a new song “pretty soon”
Emily Carter
Gobinder Jhitta

We’ve been getting new Bring Me The Horizon snippets here and there online over the past few months, but now it sounds as though the band are very much hoping to release their next single fairly soon.

In a new interview with Impericon (watch below), Matt Nicholls has confirmed that Horizon wrote and recorded “a bunch of stuff” while on tour in America at the end of 2022, and “hopefully” a new single will be arriving in the near future.

“New songs coming? Yeah,” the drummer says (transcribed by Kerrang!). “We’re actually working on them at the minute. We’ve got a studio on our bus. We did it in America – we wrote a bunch of stuff, actually, and recorded some stuff in America as well. So hopefully one pretty soon.

“As for the basics of a record,” he continues of the follow-up to Post Human: Survival Horror, “we’ve got some good stuff coming along. It took a while. These things are always hard, especially for us, because our band’s quite perfectionist, and we change our mind a lot as well. You’ll write something one day and think it’s wicked, and then you’ll go away and come back to it and you don’t think it’s as good as you thought it was originally.

“It’s coming, just trust us, trust the process. We’ve got some good stuff coming along, and hopefully this tour we’ve got some downtime where usually we just play FIFA, but instead we’re trying to write music. It’s coming along well, and we should have a song, at least, very soon.”

Watch the full interview below (the new music comments begin from 9:05):

In an October 2022 interview with Kyle Meredith backstage at Louder Than Life in America, frontman Oli Sykes explained that, “Our tour bus has got a studio on the back, so we’ve got a special bus just to really knuckle down and get on with it. It’s a great time because we’re on tour and we have a show to play at night, but apart from that it’s pretty boring!

“It feels quite exciting to be making music at the same time as going out and playing at night and getting that buzz from the show. I feel like it’s gonna be really good for the actual record.”

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