BMTH premiere cinematic new video for Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd

One of the highlights from Bring Me The Horizon’s new album POST HUMAN: NeX GEn has been given the futuristic music video treatment…

BMTH premiere cinematic new video for Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd
Emily Carter

Bring Me The Horizon have just debuted an absolutely mega music video for Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd blood.

The band have given the POST HUMAN: NeX GEn fan-favourite the epic video treatment, helping once again to bring Oli Sykes’ incredible artistic vision to life in a hugely ambitious way.

“It’s a real concept album,” the frontman previously teased of NeX GEn, “with a full narrative that connects to the first record, but the concept is hidden and buried.

“Some people aren’t going to be interested, but for some people it could be like a self-help book. There’s a lot of things in there, some of it’s quite clear, but a lot of it cryptic and hidden. People are gonna have to work it out.”

Indeed, speaking about Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd blood, Oli teases that it “dives deeper into the world of POST HUMAN. The video continues the exploration of what it means to be human in an age where technology can alter our very nature and gives keen eyed fans more lore to dive into and discuss on their quest for uncovering the full POST HUMAN lore.”

Have a ponder about all that, and get your mind melted by Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd blood below:

Bring Me The Horizon headline Rock For People on June 13 (get your tickets here) and Electric Castle on July 19 (get your tickets here).

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