Album review: The Story So Far – I Want To Disappear

A lot can change in six years. The Story So Far are back, and they’re doing things a little differently now…

Album review: The Story So Far – I Want To Disappear
Rachel Roberts

The Story So Far have been around for a long time. Like all bands of similar longevity, they've grown up – and so has their sound. A slight shift has certainly occurred on fifth album I Want To Disappear, though it isn’t any less enthralling. It’s been six years since we last got a studio album from the pop-punk quartet, and as the band have moved out of their 20s and into their 30s, their energetic sonic identity feels a tad more sophisticated.

This record shares a similar air to Proper Dose, and continues to move away from the more anger-driven soundscapes of their self-titled album or 2013’s What You Don’t See. Lyrically, it seemingly explores their busy personal and professional lives, sharing tales of loss, acceptance and setting boundaries, which all feels very apt given the band have had it rough amid the gap between this album and last – they thought about quitting for good, and bassist Kelen Capener did just that in 2022.

But right away they remind us exactly who they are, as All This Time ushers right in, with no time for a pretentious intro as slapping snare and Parker Cannon’s famed over-enunciated vocals break through. Throughout, they nestle similarly energetic tracks with others that feel a little more delicate and introspective. Letterman’s slightly softer and melodic instrumentation sits just before Jump The Gun, for example, a number that feels a little more old school.

I Want To Disappear waves a deft goodbye with the beautifully crafted acoustic track White Shores and its titular ballad. It leaves things feeling a little solemn, but in a way that feels reflective of all they’ve been through. The future still feels open for The Story So Far, and when bands like them grow up, you either grow with them or grow apart. This feels a little like a fork in the road in that sense, and while it might not hit as hard for some fans, others will relish in its bittersweet core.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Movements, Militarie Gun, Neck Deep

I Want To Disappear is out now via Rude

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