Album review: The Dangerous Summer – Gravity

Maryland grown-up pop-punks The Dangerous Summer continue to defy gravity on seventh offering.

Album review: The Dangerous Summer – Gravity
Isabella Ambrosio

Harnessing energy similar to blink-182 and a sound not unlike Thursday, Gravity is an impassioned delivery of modern post-punk. Through 45 minutes, The Dangerous Summer guide you through a vivid and vibrant experience, with AJ Perdomo’s vocals soaring over their roaring choruses and accentuating their moving verses.

Bringing a certain melodic nature to their sound, the band craft a beautiful push and pull that explores the full range of human emotion. From an upbeat, crashing intro on I Feel More Like Myself When I’m Losing It, to the toned-back yet intense melancholic melody found in the title-track, the band harness different sounds and energies to stretch their creativity while still remaining fully planted in who they are.

You’ll See It All Coming brings their imagination to the forefront, showing off a bit more of a southern rock flair. Yet You’ll See It All Coming, meanwhile, is a thriving example of what’s fantastic about this record – showing off the range and diversity, yet the glue of their work lies within their energy and impassioned playing.

Stretching themselves further, they bridge the gap between their post-punk and pure pop-punk with What’s An Hour Really Worth, reminiscing on the slow and melancholic Turning Love Into War, and adding a warmth and energy on Where Did All The Time Go.

The enunciated verses of With My Pen quickly morph into a melodic chorus before pushing and pulling between the two sounds, flowing into emotional Wild One. Touching and evocative, Wild One adds a depth that echoes perfectly on the latter-half of the record.

Into The Stratosphere tops things off with an acoustic instrumental, tapping into the melancholic energy they had already introduced. A well-thought out and constructed record, it is a glorious experience.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Balance And Composure, Citizen, The Early November

Gravity is out now via Rude

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