Album review: Pinkshift – Love Me Forever

Hotly-tipped pop-punk n00bs Pinkshift fulfil their promise on banging debut full-length…

Album review: Pinkshift – Love Me Forever
Nick Ruskell

The way Pinkshift tell it, their families don’t quite get why they’re doing what they’re doing. Having started while the members were in college, it was only meant to be a passing thing. Singer Ashrita Kumar and drummer Myron Houngbedji had their sights set on medical school, while guitarist Paul Vallejo was lining up to train in engineering. When their single i’m gonna tell my therapist on you suddenly exploded, all that went on the back burner. Their parents were puzzled.

Love Me Forever may just make them understand what’s going on here. Already one of the most hotly-tipped pop-punk bands of the past 10 years, it’s a debut that’s accomplished and wise beyond Pinkshift’s years (especially considering the relatively small amount of touring they’ve done). Those already in the know will have already witnessed this in the lead up to the album thanks to the massive i’m not crying you’re crying and nothing (in my head), which open things with an effervescent one-two of sugar-rush melody and electric energy. Happily, though putting strong feet forward, the rest of Love Me Forever hits just the same way.

In fact, Pinkshift do a lot more here than banging pop-punk. cherry (we’re all gonna die) comes on like Turnstile with bigger choruses, a trick repeated on the riffy the kids aren’t alright. Cinderella takes a softer, more anthemic approach, before BURN THE WITCH explodes with a fighty power. It’s sharp, skilful and bristling with infectious energy. That they release something verging on aggression at times is very welcome as well.

Love Me Forever is a bold first proper kick from a band already brimming with promise. It announces Pinkshift as an already killer band, while also setting them up for future glory. Medical school’s loss is very much music’s gain.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Paramore, Turnstile, Marmozets

Love Me Forever is out now via Hopeless

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