Album review: Ocean Grove – Flip Phone Fantasy

Aussie metalcore crew Ocean Grove continue to mix it up on Flip Phone Fantasy…

Album review: Ocean Grove – Flip Phone Fantasy
James Mackinnon

Anybody concerned that Ocean Grove might lose their hyperactive, free-form approach to genre with the departure of founding vocalist Luke Holmes and guitar shredder Jimmy Hall will have their fears allayed by Flip Phone Fantasy. Or, more accurately, blown out of the water upon hearing album opener Superstar.

Gonzo nu-metal riffs, earworm choruses and the novocaine-numb flow of bassist-turned-frontman Dale Tanner collide in a manner that would undoubtedly have made its authors megastars circa 2005. Not that the freewheeling Melbourne crew have any intention of moving backwards here, however. Indeed, they’re almost going for an extreme version of the exact opposite. ‘The future sent me!’ declares Dale on Thousand Golden People, observing our selfies and self-made destruction amid the euphoric clamour.

Throughout the rest of the album, there are summery bangers and surprises aplenty. Even as closing number Freaks starts out suspiciously like jazzy, acoustic Black Sabbath stoner-fest Planet Caravan, it soon ascends to the stars, floating upward on blissful vocals and guitars. So fear not: Ocean Grove still pump out thrilling weirdo party jams that have never heard of convention. And, thankfully, they still proudly give not one single fuck.

Verdict: 3/5

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