Album review: Myles Kennedy – The Ides Of March

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy eases us out of lockdown with a hopeful and rock-inclined second solo album

Album review: Myles Kennedy – The Ides Of March
Steve Beebee

We’re often told that the darkest hour comes right before the dawn. Inevitably, many artists have chosen to dwell in the shadow, quite properly reflecting the troubled times we’ve been living through. Myles Kennedy, however, is veering towards the latter part of the statement, the suggestion of rebirth and reprieve. While The Ides Of March isn’t in any way over zealous, it’s a wake-up call of sorts, an invitation to make the most of what we have and embrace a still-unveiling future.

Like his first solo album, 2018’s Year Of The Tiger, the über-talented frontman has collaborated with bassist Tim Tournier, drummer Zia Uddin and producer Michael Baskette – but there the similarity ends. While the former release was stripped back and soul-searching, the new one is bulky, dynamic and most definitely plugged in. Opening in a swell of slide guitar, the pairing of Get Along and A Thousand Words could almost have been Alter Bridge songs, while the equally full frontal first single In Stride implores us to take a breath and move on with renewed focus.

All are positive, forward marching rock songs – not exactly formula-defying but certainly uplifting. The title track is a prog-inflamed epic that draws the best from the musicians, before Love Rain Down provides a welcome and emotive breather. Bluesy final song Worried Mind concludes with some astonishing note-hitting, reminding us that Myles – at 51 – remains one of rock’s finest vocalists.

'It’s gonna be alright again,' he purrs on Wanderlust Begins, and if you had to pick just one line to summarise this album, that’d be it. Eschewing the easy lure of self-pity, the Alter Bridge frontman has brought us a little shard of light.

Verdict: 3/5

For Fans Of: Alter Bridge, Corey Taylor, Black Stone Cherry

The Ides Of March is released by Napalm on May 14.

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