Album Review: Fen – The Dead Light

British black metal enigmas Fen continue to dazzle with The Dead Light…

Album Review: Fen – The Dead Light
Angela Davey

With six albums now spanning more than a decade, Fen are without doubt one of the UK’s most hardworking yet sadly overlooked black metal bands. The trio have always been meticulous in their approach to songwriting, weaving together melodies that are so intricate they require multiple plays to ensure nothing is missed.

The Dead Light is no exception.

Nine-minute epics such as Labyrinthine Echoes pay homage to where atmospheric black metal and post-rock overlap, perfectly soundtracking the ever-shortening light of winter. The uncanny likeness to the now-disbanded Agalloch is undeniable, but scratch the surface and there’s much more at play here.

Shimmering riffs cascade alongside careful and steady percussion, allowing enigmatic singer The Watcher’s raspy vocals to sit comfortably within the mix, rather than on top of it. Hopefully this carefully-crafted addition to their impressive catalogue finally rewards Fen with the recognition they deserve.

Verdict: 4/5

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