Album review: Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun

Southampton metal kings Bury Tomorrow roar back mightily on redemptive seventh album…

Album review: Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun
James Hingle

For many bands it’s easier to stick to what you know. Bury Tomorrow have always been unapologetically metalcore, and there is no shame in that. Their 2020 banger Cannibal saw them ascend commercially, but these songs were never given a full life due to a wide range of factors. On top of that, there was the departure of guitarist/vocalist Jason Cameron.

This left Bury Tomorrow with immediate questions to answer from fans, but more importantly themselves. Do they let nearly two decades of hard work fade away or do they use this as an opportunity to move into a new chapter? Luckily, they decided upon the latter with keyboardist/vocalist Tom Prendergast and guitarist Ed Hartwell coming in to inject some fresh blood into an already well-oiled machine.

The title-track kicks off this 11-song behemoth with a blistering, heavy assault on the senses, but from the outset you can feel that this is a very different beast. What follows is a band taking their blueprint, adapting their sound with the influence of the new lads, and levelling up to reach the potential that was always expected of them.

It’s album reflecting the chaos of the world burning around them, but instead of turning a blind eye they’re embracing it and using their music to soundtrack the fight back. From the ultra-technical riffs of Abandon Us, to the guttural anthem of Boltcutter, we find a band redefining their sound with a joyous onslaught of meticulously crafted metal anthems.

One of the crowning moments is the piano-led, almost ballad-like Majesty, which opens with Tom’s soft dulcet tones before erupting into an inferno of frenetic riffs, and Dani Winter-Bates showing why he’s one of the best frontmen within the scene with a masterful display of pure vocal range.

This is a version of Bury Tomorrow free from their shackles, attacking with the precision of an apex predator and mastering their art with sublime execution. The Seventh Sun is a glorious new dawn.

Verdict: 5/5

For fans of: Killswitch Engage, While She Sleeps, Architects

The Seventh Sun is released on March 31 via Music For Nations

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