Quiz: How well do you know Paramore’s lyrics?

Do you know your All We Knows from your Rose-Colored Boys? Test your Paramore knowledge in our lyric quiz!

Quiz: How well do you know Paramore’s lyrics?
Mike Rampton
Lindsey Byrnes

Last summer marked an amazing 15 years since Paramore’s debut album. Equally amazingly, because they were all literally children when it began (and there have been a few line-up changes), Hayley Williams is the oldest member of the band yet at just 32 years old. Madness.

They’ve packed a lot into that decade and a half – five albums, some fairly dramatic fallings-out and getting-back-togethers, a new solo career – but how much attention have you been paying to the words?

If you can’t see the quiz below, please click here to play. Scroll down for answers.

How did you do? Manage to get the perfect score or did you trip up somewhere along the line? Here are the answers:

Paramore lyric quiz answers

1. 'We’ve tried so hard to understand'
2. 'And we get along so sweetly'
3. 16
4. Rose Colored Boy
5. 'I can still believe'
6. The Only Exception
7. Hip
8. Misery Business
9. 'Kick it'
10. Boiling

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